Shortly after breakfast, my wife and I came up with a list of things we need to get done today.

It’s too easy to forget this stuff if we simply keep it in our heads and try to remember it all.  And…working together we end up with a much more comprehensive list, too.  It simply works.  :-)

You’ll notice that I put little check-boxes next to each task.  It’s a habit I have and it serves a couple purposes.  I love the fact that when I can physically check-off a task that is complete, it makes me feel good.  Those theories about endorphins are true.

And empty box is a task that has not started.  A circle in the box means that the task has been started, but it’s not completed.  Laundry has been started (but does it ever end?!?!?) and we’re finishing house-cleaning too.

You’ll also notice a couple asterisks beside two of the tasks.  Those are high-priority tasks for today.  My wife and I need to sit down and synch our calendars so we know what’s coming up in the next several days.  Between work, school and sports schedules, an up-to-date calendar is a must.

“Food for the week” receives a star because we like to plan at least the first three or four days’ worth of dinners so there’s no “what’s for dinner?” questions.

Oh, and the fortune cookie message?  It’s just bonus.  The message reads:

[box type=”info” size=”large”]Make every day your best.  You will improve yourself greatly.[/box]

Amen to that.