In case you don’t already know it, I’m a HUGE fan of David Allen and his Getting Things Done methodology.

Mr. Allen wrote a piece for the New York Times.   It will appear in tomorrow’s (March 18, 2012) print edition.  Here is the online version of the article.

In my opinion, success starts by getting all the “stuff” out of your head. As David puts it:

Capture everything that has your attention, in your work and your personal life, in writing. Maybe it’s your departmental budget, a meeting with the new boss, an overdue vacation, or just the need to buy new tires and a jar of mayonnaise. For the typical professional, it can take one to six hours to “empty the attic” of your head. It may seem daunting, but this exercise invariably leads to greater focus and control.

If you haven’t already read Allen’s most-popular book, Getting Things Done, I HIGHLY recommend that you get your hands on it.  And devour it.  It is full of good stuff.