Week-day posts here at The Empty Inbox focus on tools, tips, and tricks on getting stuff done.  I love the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology that I’ve learned from David Allen in his books and seminars*.  They have changed my life.  I’m passionate about sharing and teaching these best practices to other people.

As a slight change in pace, I’ve decided to use the weekends to share what I’m calling “Weekend Wisdom”.


This weekend, the post is all about attitude.  From time to time, we all need a refresher course on keeping a positive attitude toward work, home and life in general.  Agree?

Life can get pretty crazy.  While we can’t control all the stuff that happens to us, we CAN control how we react to it.  That’s where attitude comes in.  We have to be intentional (focused) on keeping the right attitude — no matter what life throws at us.


You are Responsible for Creating and Maintaining your Attitude

Simply put, attitude is all about YOU.  It’s about you deciding whether to look at the positive or negative side of things.

It’s about:

  • you deciding whether you’re going to be happy or sad.
  • you deciding if you’re going to try to lift people up or put them down.
  • you picking yourself up, dusting yourself and moving forward or quitting.
  • you constantly whining and complaining about your job or having the courage to change yourself…or find a new job.
  • you choosing to raise your kids with tough-love and patience or throwing in the towel and letting them take control of you.
  • you deciding that today can be the day to make new choices that will forever change your outlook on life.
  • YOU.

So:   How’s your attitude these days?  Do you need an ‘attitude adjustment’?

Your Turn:  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




*If you’re interested in learning more about GTD, I invite you to visit The David Allen Company website or pick up a copy of David’s best-selling book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.