For many of us, the end of another school-year is rapidly approaching.  It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that the kids were cracking open the books and the smell of fresh notebooks and blue jeans filled the air.  The old adage, ‘time flies’ is certainly true, isn’t it?

Be sure to check with your kids to be sure they have all their assignments and projects turned in for the year.  The last few weeks of the academic year are usually jam-packed with field trips and activities.  All this fun stuff is a treat; but make sure your student gets the credit he deserves for the work he’s done.

Here are some suggestions to be sure all the bases have been covered for the end of the school year:

  • Talk with your student to find out what assignments or projects still need to be turned in.
  • Check your son or daughter’s backpack for important papers.  You might be surprised at what your find!
  • Visit your student’s PowerSchool (or other student data management resource) Web link to be sure all the assignments have been turned in.
  • Contact your child’s teacher(s) if you have any questions or concerns.  They will appreciate your proactive approach.  A quick phone call or e-mail is all it takes.

Now is also a great time to gather all the homework and assignments that your student has brought home during the past few weeks.  At our house, we create a file folder for each of the boys at the beginning of the school year.  For my youngest son, we labeled a file folder like this:  “MATT – 6th GRADE”.  All the important stuff goes in here and gets filed away.  We’ve already created a “MATT – 7th GRADE” folder since we attended middle-school orientation a couple weeks ago and received several pages of important information.

By keeping all the papers (student handbooks, teacher contact information, special project information, band concert schedules, athletic events calendar, the academic calendar, etc.) in one place, we know exactly where to look when we need to refer back to anything school-related.

Your Turn:  What do you need to do to make sure you’re ready for the end of the school year?